Hi, I'm Rachel Schipull and I'm a
full stack software engineer.

Even though at first glance, I might appear to be a farmer masquerading as a web developer, I have over 6 years of experience building websites, writing copy, and editing media.

I'm proficient in the MERN stack(MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js) and have happily been building full stack web applications in JavaScript for almost a year.

Check out my portfolio sites to see what I've been working on. I'd love to hear any feedback or suggestions for collaboration. Hit the contact button or fill out the form at the bottom to get in touch.

Photo credit: Allie Mullin Photography
Photo credit:Allie Mullin Photography

Web Development

This isn't my first rodeo! From 2015-2018 my partner and I ran an online business management service and as part of that I built websites on Wordpress for several clients. I also designed branding packages, email marketing and social media campaigns, and helped them be more successful with Google analytics and SEO. The only reason I stopped is because I thought it might be nice to work in an office. Jokes on me!

Full Stack Engineering

In 2021, I knew I needed a change. I returned to freelancing and learned the languages and technologies I needed to build full stack applications. I've build API's from scratch, connected databases such at MongoDB and Firebase, and learned how to use NoSQL and SQL-based frameworks. From apps that return random images, to full-fledged social media sites, it's possible for me to build anything I can dream up!

Everything else

Outside of software engineering, I've been pretty busy too. I've lead teams as big as eight and project managed events for Fortune 500 companies. I've worked in education, sustainability, nonprofits, hospitality, and tech. I love to write, create content, stream on Twitch, learn in public, and read books. If you invite me over for dinner, I'll know exactly the right thing to bring to complement the meal.


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Luke Hirst Therapy

Luke is a local therapist serving the LGBTQA+ community. Luke's website is designed with custom styles using the Squarespace CMS. Luke needed an easily editable site and accessible design. I set up the site for them and gave them instructions on how to use it going forward.

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This full stack application is a beautiful and fun way for individuals in the tech industry to visualize and track their path through their career. A companion site to Career Motivation, it allows career changers to mark the moment they start their career in tech and all the subsequent events along the way. Users can share a public link to their path and make milestones public or private.

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Career Motivation

Inspired by career changers in the 100Devs cohort, this site features a crowd-sourced, anonymous table of self-report changes in salary when starting a first tech job. A second page of the site includes user stories. Great inspiration and very cool data!

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Morse Code Test

When your dad is obsessed with morse code, sometimes the best birthday present is to build him an app to test himself on it. What? Just me? This app allows the user to pick up to 15 random characters of morse code and play it audibly. Users can check their answers at the bottom.

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Lead a team of six to develop this music rating app, which stores a user's profile, as well as their liked and unliked songs. The Spotify embed allows users to play previews of their songs in the app. I added song list sorting function, project managed, and deployed the final project to Heroku.

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Moon Magic

Page to check the current phase of the moon on any given day. User can enter a given date and receive the moon phase in text. Full moon and new moon dates return a special treat. I enjoyed adding a special CSS animation on the page title.

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Queer To Stay

A hair salon and community space for the gays and theys. Queer to Stay keeps everyone looking fresh and turns up on the weekend. No one is turned away. The salon wanted a custom site with bright colors and welcoming vision. I think we delivered.

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